After Hurricane María and its impact, there was a growing concern regarding the safety of our homes and families. We believe that your safety should not be a matter of income, but a given when you are planning to buy a home for your family.

In Puerto Rico, as of 2017, there is a 55% of informal housing due to scarce availability of affordable housing. The average Puerto Rican earns around $20k a year and the median property for a formally constructed house in PR is $111k. This makes it difficult for most to afford a safe and secure house.

Hurricane María has been the largest catastrophic event affecting Puerto Rico in recent history. But, the resiliency of the people and the desire to revisit and transform their outlook on life was the spark for our new concept. An idea that takes into account safety, pricing and comfort for middle class families that, more than a house, need a home to re-start their lives after all the destruction hurricane María brought.

Built with all code specifications and guaranteed approval, we propose an economic solution that can be built fast and, most importantly, right for the community and the environment. This revolutionary concept will help revitalize the local economy and provide more than an option, a solution in the local market.

Sustainable development, economic vitality, security and environmental integrity is the basis of HiveCube. We are a team of forward thinkers that will change the landscape of our country with our commitment to quality, excellence and value deliverables that will improve and enhance the lives of many.