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Our Mission

We believe that having a durable & wonderful home should not be a matter of income.  

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We are proud to have received the Health Innovation Award of the MCS FOUNDATION as part of the #ElBoricuaSeLasInventa event from Parallel18.


With the new awareness due to Hurricane Maria and its impact,  there is a growing concern regarding the safety of our homes. We believe that your safety should not be a matter of income, but a given when you are planning to buy a home for your family.



Informal housing 

As of 2017, 55% of housing in PR is constructed informally due to scarce availability of affordable housing. 



MEdian INcome IN PR 

The average Puerto Rican earns around $20,199. 



Median property value 

The average price of a formally constructed house in PR is $111,900. Making it difficult for most to afford a safe and secure house. 



HiveCube is a modular housing company that has simplicity, affordablity and sustainability at its core


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There are many ways to get involved, this page will guide you to find ways to take action. We believe that action is the first ingredient in change. Join us in helping rebuild the Puerto Rican community. 


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Volunteer opportunities

Volunteering gives you a way to actively contribute to sustainable development and help build your community. With your help we can improve and transform neighborhoods while helping families gain the independence and stability they need to rebuild their lives.